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What is cloud storage and what can it do for me?

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by WAVE Computer Services   [ updated Nov 22, 2011, 5:51 PM ]
Time and time again customers have lost things on their computer they wish they had not.  Whether it is term paper, business plan or precious photos: you had them one minute, living your life and poof they are gone and you regret it.

The two cloud services i would recommend are Google Services like Docs, Photos, etc and Microsoft Sky Drive.  I am a huge fan of both companies.  Microsoft nixes files larger than 100 megs and Google goes up to 1 gig (current as of today).  Both require you have free accounts and in order for it to be really useful you need to have a decent internet connection.  

As an example I took copies of files on my server and uploaded them to Google Docs.  That includes folders full of Pdf, Word, Excel, Photo and Quickbook files.  I uploaded other photos to Google Photos and some videos to YouTube and marked those videos private.  

Here is a little instructional video on using Sky Drive.  If you use one or the other services they get to worry about keeping your stuff safe.  You just have to take that first step to upload the data.  Maybe a video will be created that is satisfying on using Google services and it will be linked also.

I am a die-hard Android fan and i would not be without Google services.  The type phone Android vs. Windows phone may be the defining way to determine which service you use or it may be the file type you need stored or the file sizes.  Google storage gives you some free or 20gigs per year for $5.  Microsoft gives you 25 gigs free.  I am glad to pay Google $5 a year.

If you need assistance in setting the services up, just phone and we will set an appointment and get you started.  Just do it... later you will be glad you did!

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