Our Company

WAVE Computer Services is a dba for Wireless Audio Video Endeavors, Inc.  The business goal in 2002 was to find a way to stream audio and video in a home by wire or by wireless using computer technology and hopefully make some money at it.  After consulting with many peers who had zero experience either and trying a zillon things it worked out.  Then the problem became where was the content going to come from.  In 2011 we are still in the same place with content.  But, the good news hardware and software all progressed.

When we were asked to implement our work we found that most computers were in poor shape and before we could begin we had to correct problems and make repairs.  Soon the repair part got to be the larger part of the daily work and so WAVE Computer Services  was born.  Onsite Service - We come to you!

WAVE Computer Services solves problems.  If you own a business then you have work that needs to flow and if you are a homeowner you have your tasks.  Computers and now the internet are an absolute necessity. Period.

Call us and ask how we can help you?